BRATWURST BASKETFresh ingredients with no preservatives, fillers, hormones, or antibiotics. All served on a fresh baked pretzel roll topped with sauerkraut, artisan Bavarian hot or sweet mustard or curry ketchup, and kettle seasalt chips.

BratwurstComes from the word braten (“to fry or roast”). This pork and veal sausage is perhaps the most popular in Germany.

Beer BratwurstBeef and pork sausage cooked in Breckenridge Avalanche Ale.

Cheddar BratwurstMeaty bratwurst filled with a cheesy center.

KielbasaPolish cousins of the German bratwurst.

Spicy KielbasaSpicy and savory (perfect for spicy food lovers).

BRATWURST SAMPLERChoose any three (3) of the above bratwursts. Served with hot sauerkraut, artisan Bavarian mustards and curry ketchup.

BRATWURST NACHOSA bed of tortilla chips topped with a chopped bratwurst of your choice smothered in nacho cheese.

MUNICH PLATTERArtisan German Muenster, Danish Havarti, Texas Cheddar cheeses + gourmet genoa salami, spicy sopressata + assortment of fancy crackers + Bavarian hot mustard.

BAVARIAN SOFT PRETZELGiant pretzel fresh baked daily by a local artisan baker just for us. Served with artian Bavarian hot or sweet mustard.

TOTINO’S PIZZA ROLLSTwelve (12) of these classic drinking munchies served with a side of ranch.

CORNDOG BASKETTwo (2) corndogs served with mustard and seasalt chips.

CHEESE STICKSSix (6) golden battered mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce.

JALAPEÑO POPPERSFive (5) battered jalapeño stuffed with cheddar cheese served with ranch dipping sauce.

CHIPS & SALSABasket of tortilla chips served with fresh salsa or add a side of nacho cheese. Perfect for watching football.